From the Chair

Well - it’s been a very busy month for the new management committee and we have quite a bit of news for you.

Firstly – to celebrate the wonderful job done by our volunteers, we are holding a FREE milonga (instead of the practica) on Tuesday 5 December, which is International Volunteers Day.  This is an opportunity for all members to say THANK YOU to all who have volunteered during the year.

Staying on the milonga theme, our Christmas Milonga will be held on Saturday 16th December, which is the third Saturday in the month. We might not “deck the halls” but we will certainly have a Christmas tree.

As in previous years, we will be having a New Year’s Eve Milonga on Sunday 31 December with multiple DJs, so expect a real mix of music.  We will start at 8.30 pm that night (not 7.00 pm) and go til late…late…late!

There has been much debate amongst members in recent weeks regarding the format of tandas for the traditional milongas.  The PTC committee appreciates the valuable input from members on this important matter.
Committee met on Monday evening and there was much discussion on this topic.  An underlying theme of ALL the comments we received was of the need for VARIETY. When the music does not ebb and flow, it makes for an unsatisfactory experience.  The music needs to inspire dancers to want to dance -  and move them to experience the emotion of tango.
The committee’s resolve is to keep the Wednesday, Friday and third Saturday milongas in the traditional tango music style, with a limit of two alternative tandas per night.  The Ghetto and fifth Saturday milongas allow for more tandas in the alternative tango music style.
The committee is also exploring ways to guide DJs, experienced and new, in creating playlists that have variety and verve.  To quote a comment on being a DJ that came my way recently: “Being a tango DJ is a lot like being a tango dancer, except your dance partner is the whole milonga”
Thank you to those members who let the committee know how important tango is to them.

NOTE:  We are closing the club for the whole of January for painting and refurbishment!  But don’t worry, you won’t have to go without tango for the whole month.  George has offered to arrange milongas in King’s Park, which in previous years have been very enjoyable.  They are an opportunity to bring friends and enjoy our beautiful summer evenings outdoors.

We have accepted an invitation from the Town of Cambridge to participate in their Australia Day celebrations, so more on that later.

Talking about the Town of Cambridge – any member who receives a parking fine from the Town for parking in the carpark (without a PTC parking pass) can appeal on the Town of Cambridge website.

Also, if anyone knows of a tango event coming up in Perth, we are quite willing to advertise that event on our big screen provided that the host organisation gives us a USB with the details on it.  It can be in the format of a poster or even a little rolling slide show, but don’t make it a 20 minute video , please!

With Christmas decorations in the shops (whatever happened to this year?) I guess it’s timely to wish everyone all the very best for the holiday season, with hopes for a happy and safe time with friends and family.


This week at the Perth Tango Club

Tuesday 21 November: Practica -

  • Practica for all members, 7:30 pm - 10:00 pm with DJ  Elena

Wednesday 22 November: 7.15-8.15pm

  • Couples' classes, 7.15 pm  - 8.15 pm with Wendy and Joe (three weeks left!)
  • Milonga Roja, 8:30 pm - 11:00 pm with DJ Gerard

Thursday 23 November: 

  • Free "Taste of Tango" class, 7.00 pm - 7.30 pm with Michael and Marzena
  • Beginners' Class, 7.30 pm - 8.30 pm with Michael and Marzena
  • Intermediate class, 8:30 pm - 9.30 pm with George and Elena

Friday 24 November:

  • Tango Cafe from 8:30 pm till late with DJ George

Sunday 26 November

  • Members' practica, 3:00 pm - 5:00 pm with DJ Ross
  • Ghetto, 7.00 pm -10.00 pm with DJ Mark

Other tango events in Perth

If you have an upcoming tango event or workshops from visiting instructors, PTC members would like to know!

Please email by Friday COB with details of your event, for inclusion in the newsletter for the following week. Newsletters will normally be sent out weekly on Sunday evening.

Please note that a separate email must be sent each week with details to be included in the weekly newsletter,even if the event is a regular event or the workshops run over more than one week. No responsibility will be taken for any changes to the event details, if they are not communicated by email by Friday each week. Only pure Argentine tango events are eligible for this service.  Please include date, time, venue and organiser, plus a contact email address for each event.


Lost property is being held in the club office. If you think you may have left something behind, please ask a committee member to check.

Decisions of Committee are pinned up in the locked notice board in the foyer.  Any member who wants to inspect the club’s books can make an appointment with the secretary to do so.

The Committee welcomes suggestions, comments, ideas and requests, which can be emailed to or placed in the red suggestion box near the front door.

If you want to subscribe - or re-subscribe to the PTC Newsletter then please enter your details here:

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A huge thank you to all the PTC members who made the Anibal Montenegro and Hosanna Heinrich workshops and the Gala Milonga such a success.

Watch these on Youtube:

20170819 224732
F. Lomuto "Que Tiempo Aquel De Ayer" by Anibal Montenegro and Hosanna Heinrich at Perth Tango Club. 19 August 2017

20170819 223945
Di Sarli "Destino De Flor" by Anibal Montenegro and Hosanna Heinrich at Perth Tango Club. 19 August 2017

20170819 224332
De Angelis "Pobre Flor" by Anibal Montenegro and Hosanna Heinrich at Perth Tango Club. 19 August 2017


Come along and join others passionate about Argentine tango


Regular Weekly Events

Tuesday: Practica 7.30pm - 10.00pm


Tango Classes. Check club newsletter or Contact the Club -

Milonga Roja 8.30pm - 10.30pm

Thursday: Tango classes. Check club newsletter or Contact the Club -

Friday: Tango Cafe 8.30pm to late

3rd Saturday of month: Themed Milonga 8.30pm to late

5th Saturday of month (if there is one): Tango Vida 8.30pm to late

Sunday: Practica Domingo 3.00pm-5.00pm

Plus The Ghetto Milonga featuring alternate music every second and fourth Sunday 7-9pm