From the Chair

At the moment the committee is working towards two important goals.  One is to settle on a budget for the next financial year and the other is to introduce a membership management system. 

Taking on some of the secretarial tasks while Lidia is away, I have become increasingly aware of how important it is to have a system that will automate, as much as possible, the responsibilities we have as a club in regard to managing our membership details and keeping track of our volunteers’ availability.
As those of you who have served on the committee or volunteered will have experienced, there is an abundance of duties performed by lots of people over time. The more processes and the more hands information goes through, the less likely we are to be efficient and effective and the more likely there are to be errors and gaps for information to fall through.
We hope to have a new system in place in time for membership renewal (due 1 July) and will keep you informed of progress.

There will be nothing ‘from the Chair’ next week as I am taking some time out and will be in the country for a few days, enjoying our beautiful autumn weather.


This week at Perth Tango Club

Tuesday 24 April

  • practica for all members, 7.30 pm - 10 pm with DJ Ross

Wednesday 25 April

  • milonga Roja, 8.30 pm - 11 pm with DJ Sam

Thursday 26 April

  • free 'taste of tango' class, 7.00 pm -7.30 pm with Michael and Marzena
  • beginners' class, 7.30 pm - 8.30 pm with Michael and Marzena
  • levels up to intermediate class, 8.30 pm - 9.30 pm with Melvyn /Elena / Natasha

Friday 27 April

  •  Tango Café , 8.30 pm - late with DJ Belinda

Sunday 29 April

  • practica Domingo, 3.00 pm - 5.00 pm with DJ Ross
  • Ghetto, 7 pm to 10 pm with DJ Mark

PTC New term Thursday classes not too late to join


THURSDAY Classes resumed 5 April but it's not too late to join in!!

TASTE OF TANGO -  Thursday 7.00-7.30pm. This is a free 1/2 hour taster/practice/refresher - an introduction to tango.  This is for anybody who is curious about this intriguing dance from Argentina and would like to ‘dip their toes in the water’. Teachers - Marzena  Cichon & Michael  Hampton. Just come along and try it - no need to book!
- Linear Movements, Thursday 7.30 - 8.30pm – This course covers the basic linear movements, structures and music of Tango. No previous experience is required. This course is also useful for dancers who are coming back to tango after a long break or wish to revisit  tango basics. This is an 8 week course commencing on the 6 April 2018. Please note that "Taste of Tango" is a part of the "Tango Basics" course and students should arrive at 6.50pm be ready to start the course at 7pm. Please arrive at 6.45pm if you are registering
and /or paying for the course. Teachers - Marzena  Cichon &  Michael  Hampson.

TANGO GIROS - Circular Movements - Thursday 8.30 - 9.30 – This course is an introduction to circular movements and covers Turns & Pivots. This course is for people who have completed the Tango Basics course and are keen to further  their skills. This is an 8 week course commencing on the 5th April. Students should arrive at 8.20pm ready to start at 8.30pm. Please arrive at 8.15pm if you are registering and /or paying for the course. There will be an opportunity for students to practise after the lesson. Teachers - Elena Parker/Natasha Richardson/ Melvyn Scholtz.

If you are interested and wish to register for a Tango Basics courses please email Mike Hampson at to book your place, for the Giros course please email Elena Parker at  Please provide your full name and contact phone number in your email and also the full name, contact phone number and email address of anyone else you are wishing to register in your email.
Places are limited and will be allocated on a first come first serve basis.
It is not necessary for you to attend the courses with a partner. The teachers will try to organise volunteers among club members to balance follower/leader numbers. In order for us to organise this you need to register early.
To join the Tango Basics or Tango Giros Courses you must be a member of the PTC. The Annual membership fee is $20 per year 1 July - June 30.
The course fee is $60 for each 8 week course which must be paid before starting the course. Your payment will confirm your place in the course.
Cost $80 "CASH"  on registration - the PTC  have no card facilities ($60 plus $20 Club annual membership fee)
Dancers who have previously taken these courses are welcomed to repeat the courses and it is acceptable to take both Tango Basics and Tango Giros concurrently - if you have previously done Tango Basics. In fact it is always a good idea to repeat these foundation courses as they are the base of your tango and it is so important to get it right.  



Decisions of Committee are pinned up in the locked notice board in the foyer.  Any member who wants to inspect the club’s books can make an appointment with the secretary to do so.

The Committee welcomes suggestions, comments, ideas and requests, which can be emailed to or placed in the red suggestion box near the front door.

PTC Maxi

Another Argentine tango event in Perth this week

Tango Bohemio

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Perth Tango Club: Member Code of Conduct

The Perth Tango Club (the Association) is a not-for-profit club with the following objectives.

To encourage, promote and develop the art and culture of Argentine Tango dancing within the community of Western Australia; and
To provide a facility for the purposes of recreation, amusement, resources and dance practice for the tango community.
All members of the Association shall be bound by this code.

A    Members have a right to:
1. be treated fairly, equally and with respect by the Association, its Committee and other members;
2. socialise in an environment free from all forms of harassment and discrimination;
3. privacy and confidentiality concerning records, documentation and any other communication containing a member’s personal information, unless consent is otherwise provided;
4. be informed and actively involved in all club events and offerings; and
5. voice their opinions, requirements and suggestions to the Committee.

B    Members must:
1. treat other members, guests, visitors, volunteers, staff, contractors and members of the public fairly, equally and with respect and courtesy;
2. behave responsibly and ensure they conduct themselves in a manner which will not injure the reputation of the Association, its events, organisers, participants or sponsors;
3. not physically or verbally harass others;
4. look after and monitor the behaviour of their guest/s so as not to cause any disruption or discourtesy to any other attendee at an Association event;
5. look after and protect the Association’s property;
6. report any inappropriate behaviour of a member to the Committee for action and follow up;
7. abide by and uphold the Rules of Association and Code of Conduct;
8. notify the Association’s secretary of any changes to address or details;
9. pay any fees in relation to an event, or offering (e.g. tickets or memberships) which that member has committed to, regardless of whether the member attends the event or not;
10. not use their membership privileges to purchase tickets to any event or other offering, at a membership price, for non-members of the Association (except for parties entitled to such prices as nominated from time to time); and
11. if on-selling a ticket to a non-member for an event which the member has booked and paid membership rates for,  the non-member price must be paid for by the recipient and the member must forward the difference to the Association.

C    Breaches of this Code of Conduct
1. Any member in breach of the terms of this Code of Conduct at an Association event may be asked to leave and will not be entitled to a refund of any monies paid.
2. Inappropriate behaviour of any member will be investigated, discussed and an appropriate course of action taken by the Committee, which may include a reprimand, suspension or revocation of membership.

Perth Tango Club
March 2018


Come along and join others passionate about Argentine tango


Regular Weekly Events

Tuesday: Practica 7.30pm - 10.00pm


Tango Classes. Check club newsletter or Contact the Club -

Milonga Roja 8.30pm - 11pm

Thursday: Tango classes. Check club newsletter or Contact the Club -

Friday: Tango Cafe 8.30pm to late

3rd Saturday of month: Themed Milonga 8.30pm to late

5th Saturday of month (if there is one): Tango Vida 8.30pm to late

Sunday: Practica Domingo 3.00pm-5.00pm

Plus The Ghetto Milonga featuring alternate music every second and fourth Sunday 7-9pm