About Us

The Perth Tango Club is a social, non profit Argentine Tango dance club registered in Western Australia. It is managed by a Committee elected at the Annual General Meeting.The Club's objective is to encourage, promote and develop the art and culture of Argentine Tango dancing within the community of Western Australia; and to provide a facility for the purpose of recreation, amusement, resources and dance practice for the tango community.

The Club operates within the PTC Rules of Association for the benefit of members.

The Club is located at the Leederville Lesser Hall 82 Cambridge Street, Leederville and Tangueros practise the improvised social style of Argentine Tango, in contrast to stage or ballroom tango.

To find out more about Club events follow the link to the calendar. Newcomers interested in an introduction to tango offered at the Club can follow this link.

Three or four times a year the Club holds workshops with visiting teachers. These events will be published on the club's web site and Facebook page.

Anyone interested in applying for membership of the Club can either complete an application form from reception at the Club or download and post an application form from this website